Historic items formerly in the CALENDAR introduxion:

Schickele Mix, one of the best radio programs ever, has 
finally ended after many years of repeats. It lasted on WFIU
thru August. Program archive, unfortunately not including 
audio: http://www.schickele.com/mix/

Big shakeup at CKMS August 1: more struxured programming, more
commercial, of necessity
KUSP: programming revamp from 9/1/08, not too popular with listeners.
CBCR2 revised 9/1/08; CBCR1 revised 9/7/08, tho info is contradictory with
some pages updated, some not.
KCSN not only quit streaming months ago, but revamped its schedule in 9/08, 
deleting all its excellent specialty music programs, such as GALACTIC 
VOYAGER, replacing them in evenings with AAA. All listings deleted.
KDHX updated Sept. 10. Two music programs we list have changed times.
CBC Radio 1 made some more changes Sept. 27.
RCSP fm updated and timeshifted in entries starting Sunday October 26.
European and North American DST unshifts and B-08 frequency updates have 
been completed as of Nov 8, 2008. 
WHRB Harvard programming resumes in Nov, entered Nov 8.
We discovered 12/19 that KCSN has resumed streaming, but while off, their
best programming, such as Galactic Voyager, was canceled. At least there
is still THE KCSN OPERA HOUSE WITH BILL TOUTANT, UT Mondays 0400-0800.
A number of additional special holiday program page linx added by 12/19-20.
WWCR updated 12/21.
It`s orgy season again on WHRB Harvard! January 2-30. Details:
As usual, the html version is promised but not yet available. The
evening topical feature programs are not returning in February, so those
listings have been deleted.
CBCR1 some changes 1/5/09, including return of AGE OF PERSUASION, MONSOON
OU SCHOOL OF MUSIC Calendar for Jan-Feb 2009 now up Jan 22
Exact days and times have been entered, primarily 0200 UT. But keep checking
their calendar for additions. These webcasts have no announcer but sometimes
unmiked remarx from the stage can be heard if you strain and are quick to
turn down the volume when they finish. A small fraxion of these prove to be
no-shows. The webstream is usually turned on a few minutes ahead, but if 
the concert is running late, so may be the turn-on.
RCSPf post-DST timeshifted Feb 15, and updated
KCSN stream has been down most of February, `temporarily`
OU School of Music schedule thru May 15 now available. Some no-shows continue. 
Recheck calendar for changes. All concerts now entered on specific 
days and dates in DST.
WHRB musical features resumed in March-April, mainly 2200 weekdays.
North American DST shifts have been completed. 
European DST shifts start March 29, before which we have to go thru
all this again. Would DST please be abolished everywhere? Thank you.
Radio Australia listings are being updated day by day.
European DST shifts have been completed. 
BBCWS = BBCWI internet listings in a weekly grid are now linked abottom. 
Oh oh --- that grid was displaying ONE DAY OFF! We`ll have to go back and make 
lots of correxions. Tnx a lot, BBCWS! Now completed, should be accurate.
Mexico, Australia, NZ, Portugal DST shifts and updates completed April 5.
RNW programming for A09 not yet reconfirmed.
WHRB spring orgy period begins May 1 but as of 0424 UT May 1, no schedule
yet posted. Look for it at http://www.whrb.org/orgies.php
Still not linked there but here is the May+ Orgy schedule:
Except for HILLBILLY AT HARVARD, Saturday mornings, regular and specialty
series are gone again until fall, and deleted here. WHRB MP3
RCSPf listings updated May 6.
YPR again has Red Lodge Music Festival pre-empting other
programming M-F June 1-5, 2009 at 17-18 UT, which you find
out about only by listening, not by website!
CFFF programming mostly changed for summer 09; updated June 11.
See current schedule
CBC Radio One summer schedule updated July 6; notably new block of variety
M-F at 1605+; resume M-F 1232+, 2232+ features, others at 1432+ exc Fridays
CVC A Sua Voz listings deleted; service abolished at Junend
WRMI listings, mainly DX programs in English and Spanish, updated July 11
BBCR3 PROMENADE CONCERT SEASON July 17-September 12, 2009. 
Times and number of concerts per day vary widely, so keep up with 
the weekly/daily schedules!
CBC Radio 1 updated for fall 2009 season as of 9/21.

WHRB Harvard: website now says: The website is not the only change in store for 
HRB in the upcoming year. Due to a remodeling of Harvard's academic calendar, 
the majority of Winter Orgy Season will now take place in December. Spring Orgy 
season has also been slightly adjusted, beginning instead during the first week 
of May. The October-November schedule is now available. 
Several WHRB feature programs have been added to our schedule, mostly 22, 23 UT.
Radio Cultura Sao Paulo FM (RCSPf) timeshifted Oct 22 for DST there until Feb,
and updated. Direct audio link no longer works, but link goes to program
schedule page with flash player.
European DST ended Oct 24 and updates to such entries moved one hour later
have been completed. Extensive North American timeshifts post-DST have been 

WHRB`s winter orgy is now in Dec due to different academic year:
Feature programs of Oct-Nov have been removed.

Area 51 updated Dec 7, but may vary week to week: http://www.worldmicroscope.com
WRMI updated Jan 11, 2010, and in early February.

Area 51 dropped 5110 first week of Feb, on weekdays but still webcast nightly; 
and still on 5110 weekends. AREA 51 Latest frequently-changing content.
More or less fixed programing updated as of Feb 7.

WRMI updated as of February 12, including non-DX programs of interest, and
DX programs not in English.